Behind the Scenes: Making Our CBD Squib

Squibs just might be our favorite little CBD gummy at Lunchbox Alchemy. Are we biased? Maybe, but hear us out: our process and natural ingredients make these chewy, infused morsels superior for several reasons. Come behind the scenes and see how we make our CBD Squib – and why it’s the best CBD gummy around. 

We went into our Squib kitchen to talk to our head Squib Maker, Jamie, to find out just what makes our Squibs so amazing. Jamie has had a hand in developing all of the recipes at Lunchbox Alchemy, and she actually is trained as a pastry chef!

Jamie has been with Lunchbox since the beginning, and has seen a lot of history and hard work at the company (and in the kitchen!) and knows what it takes to create a solid (or in this case, squishy) product.

There have been a few different recipes of Squibs since their inception, but I think the version we have now is the absolute best.

lunchbox alchemy squib

Consistent? Yea, Consistently Awesome!

Lunchbox Squibs are different from other CBD edibles on the market because of the overall consistency of the product and the care that’s taken during production.

We take great care in how we process the oil and formulate the amount that goes into each batch so that each dose is consistent from one package to the next. A lot of products on the market are not this way, leaving you feeling nothing one time and high as a kite the next. Our customers take great comfort in knowing how they will feel, every time with our products.

Our Squibs are cooked on a stovetop for about an hour, before being deposited into candy molds. The candies are left to cool and then examined by hand for quality and finally, packaged. 

We weigh and measure everything precisely and follow Standard Operating Procedures to make sure it is the same every time.

hemp oil lunchbox alchemy squib

Trustworthy (and delicious) Ingredients

I am super proud that our gummies are vegan and as natural and organic as possible! We use organic sugar, organic tapioca syrup, and all-natural colors and flavors

Of course, Lunchbox Alchemy Squibs are also infused with Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract derived from Oregon-grown hemp, and that’s no small thing. Lunchbox Alchemy CBD Squibs are effective and have helped our customers enjoy the many benefits of CBD

I use Squibs every night to fall asleep and stay asleep. As a busy mama they have been a lifesaver. With better quality sleep, I am a better mom, wife, and employee.

Looking to try a Squib but don’t know which delicious flavor to get first? Give Jamie’s current favorite flavor a try: Pineapple! There you go, a look behind the scenes of our Squib making, and the inside story from the lady in the know. Now go out and find some

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