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CBD For Pain: Studies And Supporting Evidence

You may have stumbled upon CBD (aka Cannabidiol) and wondered does it really work for pain treatment? In this article, we’ll explore a number of recent credible studies that have supporting evidence showing that CBD does alleviate pain.
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In This Article You’ll Learn:

If you’ve ever suffered from chronic pain, you know that you’ll go to just about any length to seek relief. In your quest for relief you may have stumbled upon CBD (aka Cannabidiol) and wondered does it really work for pain treatment? In this article, we’ll explore a number of recent credible studies that have supporting evidence showing that CBD does alleviate pain. Many people are turning to CBD for pain treatment, with a popular format of aid being CBD infused gummies. Unfortunately, with the rise in popularity of CBD and lack of regulation, a recent study found that only 45% of tested CBD products contained the indicated amount of CBD in them. This frustrating reality makes it difficult for consumers to know which CBD products to turn too for effective pain relief. Lunchbox Alchemy has made it their mission to craft the most effective CBD gummies for pain relief, we use Oregon grown full-spectrum hemp, a leader in the cannabis & CBD space, and have been an award-winning brand in the cannabis/CBD industry since 2014. You can verify all of our products online with 3rd party test results. 

Let’s jump in and explore some of the supporting evidence for CBD and pain relief.

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Individuals live with pain on a day-to-day basis. Some from working long hours doing manual labor, those who have dealt with injuries that suffer from long-term effects, and some who experience flare-ups of pain every now and again. Either way, this pain can cause individuals to experience other side effects, such as interrupted sleep patterns and difficulty doing normal day-to-day tasks. This spiral of effects can cause negative effects to work, productivity, and social life amongst patients, causing them to turn to pain management products like CBD.

There are many methods to take CBD, and the most popular is by eating fruit flavored CBD gummies. Lunchbox Alchemy offers a Relief full spectrum gummy formulated with ginseng, a natural anti-inflammatory, and full-spectrum hemp that works together to soothe aches and pains one may be feeling. Full spectrum CBD gummies differ from their broad spectrum counterparts because they include all parts of a plant's cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC. This is because when all cannabinoids are present they are thought to be more effective. Today, people are turning to CBD gummies for pain for the following common issues:

  • Back pain
  • Tooth pain
  • Wrist pain
  • Arthritis 
  • Chronic pain
  • Joint pain
  • Knee pain
  • And more

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Cannabis has hit the market as a pain management alternative to pharmaceutical products. In a review of a number of studies that used cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and CBD, these options were promising to manage pain symptoms. In a 2017 study, it was shown that medical cannabis has a potential role in cancer pain management. Usage of CBD for pain treatment, which can consequently help in other aspects of a patient’s lifestyle, including in regulating sleep patterns and helping to offer mental relaxation. Another research article compared 34 studies that compared both healthy patients and patients who suffered from conditions such as anxiety disorders, cancer-related pain, and insomnia amongst others. These studies offer a great foundation for further research and development to explore the extent of benefits that can be offered using CBD products. 

A recent study also found that over half of patients with chronic pain were able to limit or entirely eliminate their opioid use within 8-weeks of adding CBD to their pain management regimen. These CBD products were also shown to improve sleep quality amongst patients who were using opioids for pain management. This can help patients who are looking for credible ways to manage their pain without running the risk of opioid withdrawal syndrome. There are a number of credible studies and research articles that support the use of CBD in pain management. However, there still needs to be additional study on the specifics of CBD usage, such as correct dosage and the effects of different strains. 

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CBD for pain treatment is known for having very minor side effects, which are not addictive like many prescription pain medications. Prescription medications also come with a number of dangers, including withdrawal syndrome that will encourage addiction. With a rise of opioid deaths and addictions every day, many people are aware of and fear the dangers of opioid withdrawals. Temporary usage of opioids can help with pain management, but for those with chronic pain, which requires an extensive usage of medication, this can lead to tolerance and dependence. This can lead to a need for an increased dosage, which can cause further dependency and withdrawal syndrome. 

Cannabis offers a safe and effective pain management treatment. This can be beneficial for those who are suffering from day-to-day pain and those who are suffering from chronic conditions. Without the extensive dangers that come with opioids and other pharmaceutical medications, CBD products offer pain relief in a number of accessible ways. While searching for a product that fits their needs, customers should also be sure to keep in mind to do their due diligence and vet the products that they are about to purchase. These products are easily available and come in dosage options to create a customizable experience that works with each unique customer’s needs. 

Made In the USA

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Each Lunchbox Alchemy gummy is made with Oregon-grown, full-spectrum hemp extract and are sold in mixed fruit flavors that include: pineapple, strawberry, and black raspberry for a tasty CBD experience. Oregon is one of the most well-respected cannabis markets in the United States and has one of the best frameworks in place for supporting and regulating hemp production. Lunchbox Alchemy gummies contain .3% THC or less by volume, this is to support the entourage effect and maximum efficacy of the CBD. 

CBD Dosage  

Lunchbox CBD gummies are available in both a 25 mg/gummy per serving or a double strength 50mg/gummy per serving depending on your needs. Dosage is a complex part of using CBD products and patients can follow recommendations that are provided by a company or use a number of online tools. Factors such as gender, weight, and past CBD usage can impact an effective dosage amount. There are also online tools and charts that can aid in this process by providing a recommended amount to achieve the desired effect.

Third Party Lab Tested

Our gummies include accessible, third-party lab results. With cannabis products gaining popularity, there is also an unfortunate rise in counterfeit products or products that do not contain the advertised levels of CBD. These products can contain harmful additives and pesticides that can cause detrimental health effects. Lab results can help to confirm that products are abiding by state agency regulations, which are put in place to protect consumers. With this knowledge, it is important for companies to actively publish their product lab results. Companies like Lunchbox Alchemy show their lab results on each product page to ensure that all customers are able to validate that the product they are purchasing does not contain harmful additives.