How to Read Your CBD Lab Test Results Like a Pro

Why You Should Read CBD Lab Results:

You read the ingredients in your favorite cookies, right? It’s like that, except going a step beyond just reading the packaging on a product and following up to make sure the claims that are being made on the packaging is actually true! This is especially important in the CBD industry, with so many new products coming to the market every day, it’s easy for companies to make claims that are not actually investigated. Lunchbox Alchemy does not do this – in fact, we love our lab reports SO MUCH we post them (for every batch!) on our website

how to read CBD lab test results

How to Read the Lab Results:

First of all, let’s talk about how easy Lunchbox Alchemy makes it to find a lab report for YOUR batch of CBD products. You can use a QR code scanner app on your phone to find the lab for your product/batch of Lunchbox Alchemy goodies. The lab report is pulled up, right there on our phone. 

When you first open up a lab report, it can be a little overwhelming – however, our lab makes it easy by showing you “Results At A Glance” on page one. Here, you’ll find some key pieces of information, such as total THC and CBD amounts, and results for pesticides and heavy metals.

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Give Me the Goods: How Much CBD and THC is Really in There?

Potency Analysis:  This tells you the potency of the product and ensures you are getting what you paid for! You may also need to verify that your product has a certain level of THC (less than .03% per serving, or zero, if you are using a Broad-Spectrum product). You can also see what other cannabinoids are in CBD products and at what levels. 

Okay, hold on to your Squibs – we’re going to do some math to calculate the potency per serving! Let’s take our Full-Spectrum Squib 100, for example. You can follow along by using the lab report here

To calculate total milligrams (mg) of CBD in our Full-Spectrum Squib 100, multiply the Total CBD (mg/g) result from page 2 of the lab report, by the total gram weight of the contents for that product which is approximately 17g. That gives you PER PACKAGE total CBD content. To get PER SERVING, divide by the number of servings in that product. In our Squib 100 example, that is 10 servings. Here it is with some numbers plugged in: 

6.831mg/g x 17g(product weight) = 116.127 mg CBD in total

116.127 / 10 = 11.61 (rounding) milligrams of CBD per serving. 

Now you know! You can also calculate THC content per serving this way. Just be sure to check the total gram weight and number of servings for each product, and you can nerd out with us and do your own calculations!

cbd lab results

What About the Scary Stuff?

Worried about heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents? Put your mind at ease! As long as our labs say PASS on these, the levels are below amounts that are determined to be unsafe by various health authorities, including the states of OR and CA. 

We use GreenLeaf Lab out of Portland, OR to test all our products. GreenLeaf Lab actually uses the standards for heavy metals that are set by the state of California which are the strictest in the country for hemp CBD products. Rest easy, friends, and reach for another gummy or hit of tincture, because there is nothing nasty in our CBD! 

Try it for yourself the next time you pick up some Lunchbox Alchemy productsand look up our labs while your Squibbin’ or dropping some tincture.

cbd lab results

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