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New from Lunchbox Alchemy - 20mg CBD Gummy in a 10 Pack Bottle

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Do you need to stock up on CBD? Try our NEW 10 Pack of CBD Gummies! They have 20mg of CBD per serving and are available in three tasty flavors: Green Apple, Tangerine, and Cherry. 

The New 10 Pack Gummy Bottle 

These CBD packed edibles are infused with Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, derived from Oregon grown hemp. Our other ingredients are also natural and organic, too, from the delightful flavors to the cheer-you-right-up colors. 

Our vegan Gummies have all the beneficial compounds in the hemp plant, including terpenes and cannabinoids, because they are made with Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract. Each batch contains 20mg of CBD and less than .3% THC by volume. Lunchbox Alchemy uses independent lab testing, which verifies the high standards we have for our products. You can trust these Gummies have all the good stuff none of the yuckies like residual solvents, or pesticides! You can always view lab results on our website.


Gummies are great for…  

We reach for Gummies when we want a time-released CBD experience while traveling, hanging around the house, sleeping, or in public places. While both Gummies and Tinctures are a great introduction to the world of CBD, Gummies might be a gentler lift-off experience. They are a good choice for someone who is new to the world of edibles and wants to get a little more comfortable with Full-Spectrum CBD products. Plus, with our yummy flavors and accessible 10 Pack Bottle, we’ve made portioning and storing these edibles easy. They fit right in a medicine cabinet or up on a high shelf with your vitamins. 

Find the 10 Pack of 20mg CBD Gummies at a retailer near you!