New Single-Serving CBD Squibs Are Here!

single-serving squibs are great for sharing CBD with friends

There’s a new edible CBD Squib now available from Lunchbox Alchemy! Our Full-Spectrum single-serving Squib! With 20mg per serving of CBD in every gummy, this little guy requires no additional cutting. Just open package, and insert in mouth.  Now, it’s easier to enjoy CBD where ever you might be – and share a single dose with a friend.

lunchbox edible single-serving squib apple

100% Oregon Grown Hemp, 100% Delicious CBD Infused Flavor:

Single-serving Squibs make enjoying your CBD easier than ever. Available in three tasty flavors: Wild Cherry, Tangerine, and Crisp Apple. Crafted with organic sugar and organic tapioca syrup, these vegan gummies are gluten-free, enhanced with natural flavors and 100% Oregon grown hemp. Lunchbox Alchemy Squibs are a consistent, quality-made product and the Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract will give you that CBD and THC dual benefit known as the entourage effect

single-serving squibs edible cbd lunchbox alchemy

Here’s what some of our fans say about the Lunchbox Alchemy Squibs:

“I have been using many CBD tinctures for sleep/pain over the past five years. I noticed a stronger pain relief and relaxation effect on Squibs after substituting them for the tincture.”
-Mike on Instagram

“I keep a supply of Squibs on hand for my lousy back for sure. I can’t keep enough around I have so many people ask for them.”

single-serving squibs edible cbd lunchbox alchemy

Pick your package size:

Single-serving Squibs also available in a six-pack of a single flavor, or in a mixed fruit 30-pack! The 6-pack is perfect for taking out on the trail or slipping in your bag for a long weekend. We love the 30-pack for stocking up our medicine cabinet and making sure we always have plenty of CBD goodness around. Or for sharing with family and friends, like Tom up there does.

Click here to find Lunchbox Alchemy products near you and stock up! Remember, we have some consumption tips to read before enjoying your CBD edible. Happy Squibbin’ everyone!

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