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Studies On CBD For Sleep

At Lunchbox Alchemy, our CBD Sleep gummies are all-natural and formulated with chamomile - a knockout combination that will have you snoring in no time. If you’ve ever struggled to get a good night's sleep you know you’ll do just about anything to get your mind to finally hit the snooze button.

In this article you’ll learn:

cbd sleep studiesCBD (Cannabidiol) as a sleep aid is becoming an increasingly popular choice for people struggling to get a good night's sleep, and the people’s product of choice for catching some zzz’s seems to be a gummy, a convenient vitamin like addition to one’s bedtime routine. At Lunchbox Alchemy, our CBD Sleep gummies are all-natural and formulated with chamomile, a knockout combination that will have you snoring in no time. If you’ve ever struggled to get a good night's sleep, which we’re guessing you have or you wouldn’t be reading this article, you know you’ll do just about anything to get your mind to finally hit the snooze button.

Luckily, in recent years, CBD for sleep has been shown in many studies to be a helpful sleep aid without any of the negative side effects of prescribed sleep medications, or other over-the-counter options. CBD has proven to be an effective means of regulating sleep patterns that promote healing and help manage sleep related symptoms, causing many to turn to CBD products as a natural form of relief. CBD products designed to help one sleep can be purchased by trusted companies without the hassle of obtaining a prescription or experiencing the potential negative side effects associated with prescription medication. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most recent studies on CBD for sleep, explain the results of them below and discuss how Lunchbox Alchemy, recently named the Best CBD Gummy for Sleep by SF Weekly, may be a good option for those seeking to improve their sleep.

Does CBD Help With Sleep?

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A good night’s sleep doesn’t always come easily, in fact, an estimated 68% of American’s struggle to regularly get a restful night of sleep. There are a number of reasons that contribute to a lack of a good night's sleep ranging from stress and anxiety to pain, diet and a lack of exercise. In fact, even screens, which produce blue light, block our bodies natural ability to produce melatonin, making falling asleep more difficult. If you’re reading between the lines on that one, yes that means, scrolling on your phone or watching one more episode of Netflix before bed is preventing you from getting your beauty sleep,

A consistent sleep schedule and restful slumber does wonders for the body - it offers your body time to recover - helping to support a healthy immune system, more energy, a better mood, and all around improves performance both physically and mentally. With so much to gain and so many people struggling for a good night's sleep it's no wonder people are actively seeking ways to catch some zzz’s, especially naturally.

Luckily in recent years, CBD has emerged as a promising solution to those struggling to regulate their circadian rhythms. Your circadian rhythm is your body's natural cycle that tells it when to do routine things, like sleep. External factors in our busy lives like stress or even blue light throw off these rhythms making falling asleep more difficult than it should be. Some sleep disorders can be hard to detect. Healthcare providers often have a difficult time detecting sleep disorders, due to their inability to consistently monitor a patient’s sleep schedule. A lack of sleep can interfere with learning abilities, work, and even in a person’s social life. As shown in a number of studies that have been conducted, sleep can help reduce anxiety and promote overall healing, which are key components to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

CBD for Insomnia Studies Reveal Potential Benefits as a Sleep Aid
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Studies have shown that CBD can be an effective treatment to reduce anxiety and insomnia as a result of PTSD. In a study conducted by The Permanente Journal in 2016, a patient suffering from PTSD, which consequently led to difficulty with sleeping, showed that, due to CBD’s anxiety reducing (anxiolytic properties) and sleep-inducing effects, the patient in the study was able to have a more regulated sleep pattern. This patient, in the early phases of the study, was only sleeping 2-3 hours per night and displaying anxious and traumatized behaviors. Throughout testing multiple different treatments, this patient started a CBD regimen. After a few months of this regimen, the patient began to display more consistent sleep patterns, which also positively impacted other aspects of the patient’s life. This helped to improve other aspects of the patient’s life as well, effectively reducing their anxiety and has put the patient on a path towards having a consistent sleep pattern that helps to manage the symptoms of PTSD. 

CBD gummies have a number of health benefits, especially for those who may be suffering from insomnia or other sleep-related disorders. CBD products formulated for sleep have a wide variety of benefits - allowing for a regulated sleep pattern and helping individuals manage their unique symptoms, like anxiety or PTSD, so that the body can begin to heal and recover. There are a number of factors involved in effectively using CBD for sleep, such as the dosage, which can require some time to fine tune what’s right for you, but there is increasing evidence that a routine that incorporates CBD can help regulate sleeping patterns and consequently benefit other aspects of life. Struggling with a sleep disorder such as insomnia takes a toll on the body and creates a number of harmful side effects for the body, luckily studies are showing that the natural, therapeutic effects of CBD may be a solution to getting a good night's rest.

A Study on CBD For Anxiety
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Another recent study has shown that CBD can decrease anxiety and increase mental sedation, helping to holistically regulate symptoms. The study was conducted by examining 72 adults, which most of them reported relief from anxiety and aid with better sleep. This study shows evidence of improved sleep and a reduction of anxiety from the participants. 

CBD Side Effects
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CBD is becoming a popular choice over other prescription medications thanks to its accessibility, lack of serious side effects and natural formulation. Prescription medication can be difficult to obtain to treat sleep related symptoms as it requires doctor’s appointments, prescriptions, and potential routine consultations. CBD gummies are conveniently available online and do not come with the same effects as other medications. Medicines like opiates can have adverse and long-term side effects, some as serious as death. However, in one study conducted, CBD did not have a strong withdrawal syndrome such as other pain relief medications.

Cannabis offers a safer alternative to those seeking sleep as there are no known cases of Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome causing serious negative side effects while offering relief for a number for symptoms. This provides an alternative for those who may be worried about the side effects of prescription medication

The research and analysis thus far has shown that there is a positive relationship between CBD and sleep. While more research should be conducted to help to determine factors such as dosage guidance, the current material that is available shows a promising relationship between the two without the negative side effects that can come with other forms of prescription medication. 

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

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Dosage is one of the more complex parts of taking CBD edibles. There is no widely recommended dosage for CBD yet as research and development is still underway. There are a number of factors that impact dosage; including a person’s weight, gender, and their past usage of CBD products. However, companies have an extensive and thorough understanding of dosage and it is recommended that consumers follow the guidelines provided by companies for a standard serving size. Lunchbox Alchemy provides a recommended serving size on the label that customers can follow as they begin using CBD products. 

There are also online tools that allow customers to determine the right dosage of CBD for aid in sleep. MyDosage is an online AI tool that inquires as to a patient’s age, weight, and current existing conditions they are looking to alleviate with CBD, such as improved focus or sleep quality. Most recommend starting with a smaller dose and gradually increasing the dosage as your body acclimates to find the perfect dose for you.

Buying CBD Gummies Online

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When you buy CBD from Lunchbox Alchemy you’re buying from a trusted brand which means you’re getting the amount of CBD that's listed on the label, with accompanying lab test results proving its the cannabinoid content and that it’s free of any impurities. We offer some of the most popular means of consuming CBD, with tasty vegan and all-natural gummies. Our full-spectrum CBD gummies for sleep come in a 25 mg/gummy serving or a double strength 50 mg/gummy and are enhanced with chamomile, an all-natural supplement that helps ensure you get to sleep and stay asleep. We offer a month-long supply or a smaller 10-pack, both at affordable prices, for those who are trying CBD gummies for the first time. 

When looking for CBD gummies online, be sure to look for brands that meet these levels of qualifications and are trusted brands. There are still many CBD companies out there that are not regulated and aren’t delivering on the product they are selling.