Top 10 Hemp Gummies Benefits

Top 10 Hemp Gummies Benefits

In the US, more 33% of adults have used CBD, and hemp gummies are one of the most popular ways to enjoy the natural benefits of CBD. In this article, we discuss improving people's health through natural, safe and inexpensive ways with CBD.

In the US more 33% of adults have used CBD and hemp gummies are one of the most popular ways to enjoy the natural benefits of CBD. Also known as CBD edibles, this cannabinoid is derived from the cannabis plant but does not create a psychoactive effect, instead users report a wide range of therapeutic benefits from the use of CBD products. In 2018 the Farm Bill passed making CBD derived from hemp legal so long as the amount of THC present was less than 0.3%. Hemp gummies can legally be purchased in almost all states throughout the United States, however some states have implemented laws around CBD regulation.

Lunchbox Alchemy CBD carries a variety of full-spectrum gummies to support the most common reasons people use CBD: sleep, stress relief, pain relief and overall daily wellness. Our hemp gummies are full-spectrum meaning they contain the entire spectrum of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, including trace amounts of THC. The theory behind using the whole cannabis plant is the ‘entourage effect’ where the entire plant works more effectively as a whole than in isolation. 

THC Free Edibles

For those hoping to avoid any amount of THC we carry THC-Free hemp gummies, also known as, broad spectrum CBD. Broad spectrum gummies include CBD and other minor cannabinoids to create a similar effect to the entourage effect, just without the THC. Hemp gummies are non-psychoactive and will not give a consumer the feeling of being “high”. It should also be safe for those concerned about drug tests, although you should always consult your employer first for more details on their policies around CBD. 

CBD Extracted From Oregon Grown Hemp

We are proudly based in Bend, Oregon where we source Oregon grown hemp, the Napa Valley of weed to create our high quality hemp gummies. All of our hemp gummy batches are made using organically grown hemp and third party lab tested for quality. We believe in improving people's health through natural, safe and inexpensive ways. 

Below we’ll explore the top ten benefits of CBD and how it may help improve your overall quality of life. 

10. Hemp CBD Gummies May Relieve Anxiety

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Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems in the United States. There are over 40 million adults diagnosed, and many more undiagnosed. Access to doctors may not always be an option for those with anxiety or traditional medicine may not be the best fit for them, for those people CBD could be a great alternative. Studies have shown benefits in participants of CBD reducing symptoms of anxiety and offering an overall clearer mindset. During a 2015 review of over 50 studies, evidence found that CBD has the potential to treat symptoms of various forms of anxiety disorders including PTSD, Panic Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Anyone who struggles with anxiety knows the ruminating thoughts, digestion problems and restlessness that comes along with it. If any of that sounds like you, we suggest giving CBD a try for a healthy mind-body connection. CBD is now more easily accessible than ever and oftentimes more cost effective than traditional medicine. 

9. CBD Edibles to Reduce Stress 

With the uncertainty in the world right now, who isn’t stressed out? Whether it’s a long day at work, trying to get bills paid on time or dealing with sick kids, we all find ourselves under times of stress. CBD gummies may be an aid in helping to reduce symptoms of stress that in turn exacerbate anxiety and sleep patterns. Get a hold of your stress before it takes a hold of you. A study from the University of Colorado's Psychiatric Department found that their participants showed a small reduction in sleep problems over prolonged usage of taking CBD, but a large reduction in symptoms of anxiety, such as worrying and problems with concentration. We offer Stress hemp gummies formulated with ashwagandha, a natural adaptogen proven to reduce stress levels. Check out our CBD infused stress gummies for sale. 

8. THC + CBD Together May Have Benefits for Nausea

Being nauseous with an upset stomach is definitely one of the worst feelings to experience. Feeling panicked that you may throw up or feeling the room spinning is a feeling we all look to actively avoid. Whether you have a presentation to give, ate something bad or just are feeling yucky, CBD with slight traces of THC has shown proven relief from that nauseated feeling. A study conducted on animals showed that CBD binds to serotonin receptors and may be helpful in reducing overall feeling of nausea.

7. CBD Benefits for Depression and Mood

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Depression can bring on feelings of hopelessness, fear, isolation and even physical symptoms. We all get in a down mood sometimes, but if you’re finding yourself consistently sad and isolated, CBD may be a great companion to start with. Several studies have found that CBD has the ability to influence and help regulate serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is an extremely important neurotransmitter that directly impacts symptoms of depression and our mood. While CBD can be a great added benefit for a mood boost, if you are struggling with thoughts of hurting yourself or think you may suffer from depression please reach out to a medical professional. 

6. CBD Studies on Certain Types of Epilepsy 

The movement towards more treatments and natural ways of helping both childrens and adults suffering from epilepsy is really what sparked the movement for CBD across the country. Activists hoping for a new alternative to treat seizures showed up from all over the country to help the 2018 Farm Bill get passed. Numerous studies and self reports have been published to showcase the reduction in seizures one with epilepsy may exhibit when CBD is administered. In 2018 the FDA approved CBD for treatment of epilepsy in two types: Lennox Gastaut Type 1 and Dravet Syndrome.  Again, if you are suffering from epilepsy we always recommend reaching out to a medical professional, but our gummies are a safe, natural benefit to add to most standard treatments. 

5. CBD Gummies Easing Arthritis Pain

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Arthritis is not just a condition suffered by eldery people. Millions of people, both adults and children, across the United States struggle with joint inflammation caused by arthritis. Our Daily CBD gummies may help with those chronic aches and pains. Various animal studies have given credit to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD in joints with arthritis. Thousands of self reports have also been published by sufferers who find relief in symptoms after beginning a CBD regimen. Some consumers find it helpful in being able to switch from their daily dose of ibuprofen to a daily CBD gummy as it is more natural and carries less possible side effects

4. CBD May Help with Heart Health and Blood Pressure

Stress greatly affects our internal systems and how our body works to maintain and keep us healthy. By improving our stress levels we improve our overall health, including our blood pressure and heart health. In a randomized trial, 90 older men were given CBD for a treatment period and found greatly reduced rates of their resting blood pressure. Taking one of our daily hemp gummies formulated with only the highest quality CBD may improve overall heart health by reducing blood pressure rates.

3. CBD Gummies and Treating Acne 

This one usually comes as a surprise to people. But CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which is essentially what acne is. One 2014 study found that CBD helps regulate the endocrine system that can pump out excess human sebocytes, which produce sebum/oil, clogging our pores and thus causing acne.

2. Benefits of CBD Gummies on Reducing Inflammation and Pain

As we just mentioned above, CBD fights inflammation by helping to regulate certain hormones that may be producing excessively in the body. One of these hormones is the stress hormone, cortisol. When we have too much running in our bloodstream, it’s notorious for creating inflammation causing anything from muscle pain to indigestion or headaches. We see how this inflammation not only causes visible distress on the outside such as acne but can cause a great amount of inflammation to our organs and joints as well. Stress and excess inflammation are a huge cause of those daily aches and pains we wake up with. 

1. CBD Has Been Shown to Offer Relief from Insomnia

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Just as stress and inflammation causes all these other symptoms mentioned above, it makes sense it would also make it tough to get to sleep at night. While we all have restless nights, nobody should have to look at the clock three hours before their alarm is set to go off, still unable to fall asleep. CBD can be a huge benefit to people who struggle with restless nights. While only ample studies exist that show CBD’s direct influence on insomnia, we see its indirect impact by lowering stress and anxiety in the body. As well as helping with pain, leading to an easier night's sleep. Lunchbox’s best selling hemp gummy is a sleep gummy, enhanced with chamomile for helping to catch those zzz’s. Our five-star reviews are putting consumers to sleep like a baby.