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Broad-Spectrum is THC Free CBD

Tinctures are a favorite for many of us and our method of choice when enjoying CBD. Tinctures are a concentrated liquid form of plants in a bottle. You can make a tincture from just about any plant, and they are used a lot in alternative medicine. 

But not everyone can partake in a Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract – and we definitely don’t want to leave anyone out of this CBD party! Especially when they are so convenient to take and work for a variety of uses and lifestyles. 

If you might be a person that is sensitive to THC, or your profession or lifestyle just doesn’t allow for any use of THC, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract is a perfect alternative. You can still benefit from the effects of CBD, but it contains 0% THC. 

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What does “Broad-Spectrum” Mean?

It can be tough to remember the difference between “Broad-Spectrum” and “Full-Spectrum” – we get it! Broad-Spectrum and Full-Spectrum are the same powerful plant product. The only difference is in Broad-Spectrum, the THC has been removed, but nothing else is harmed in the process. Our Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract is a THC-free alternative while still retaining the valuable cannabinoids, and terpenes, naturally found in the hemp plant. 

How to use Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract:

While you can take them all on their own, tinctures are easy to blend into other beverages (like smoothies), drizzle a few drops onto cooked foods (we want a CBD pizza night!) or just take when you want a product that will hit your bloodstream a little faster than an edible.

Our Broad-Spectrum tincture is available in a 30mL at 1000mg (33.3mg/serving) strength. You can enjoy three great flavors: Blood Orange, Peppermint or Unflavored. These hemp oils contain 0% THC. 

Broad Spectrum is great for anyone interested in CBD oil and is most suited for those adhering to a THC-free lifestyle. Find all our products at a retailer near you: click here to find them in your area

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