What’s the Scoop on Traveling with CBD?

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What’s the scoop when traveling with CBD? 

With close to 1 in 3 people traveling during the holiday season, and most families taking a trip either by car or by plane, it’s important to know your rights – and the regulations – when traveling with CBD. 

You certainly don’t want TSA to confiscate your gummies or tincture after you carefully packed and selected your traveling CBD companion! You’ve worked hard to estimate your dose depending on your length of stay (and who you are visiting) so let’s make sure that CBD stays securely in your hands. 

Since most trips are domestic when traveling to see family and friends, let’s focus on staying within the United States with your hemp-based products. Many countries still deem hemp-based products an illegal drug, so avoid flying internationally with CBD in possession.

Even though CBD is legal in some states, it used to be that flying with any form of cannabis was illegal. TSA has since updated the “what can I bring” page to state that medical marijuana is okay to fly with (bring your documentation) and that some kinds of CBD products are allowed onboard your flight. Be sure to do your research as to whether or not possession and consumption of CBD are legal in the state you are landing in.

traveling with cbd which products are okay

So what products are a-okay for TSA? 

CBD oil or tincture that contains less than .3% THC.  This means that Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract and Broad-Spectrum are both good to go in either your carry-on or your checked baggage. 

TSA does state that they can still make the final call on what to allow you to get on board with at the security checkpoint, and they reserve the right to make judgment calls. While TSA doesn’t search for drugs (illegal or otherwise) if they are found in routine security screenings, you will likely be under further investigation.

Also, don’t forget that you cannot bring more than 100mL of liquid on planes, and your liquids should be clearly marked.  Whew, there’s the heavy stuff out of the way!

Driving with CBD: 

Driving while consuming marijuana is illegal and you can get a DUI, just like when driving under the influence of alcohol. Driving with CBD is not illegal, however, you do need to be careful. CBD can make some people tired or dizzy. You should definitely be experienced with CBD and know what dose is right for you before you hop behind the wheel with hemp. 

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Tips on Traveling with CBD: 

  • Be ready to share: traveling with friends or family? You might want to pack a little extra in case you get the opportunity to educate family and friends about how CBD has worked for you, and offer them some to try. Airplanes and cars are close
    quarters, so take this as an opportunity to get to know your traveling neighbor – and a chance for them to get to know CBD!


  • If you are going over bumpy terrain or experiencing some turbulence, be sure to plan your CBD delivery and method. There is nothing worse than spilling hemp extract all over your best Thanksgiving plaid.


  • Pick your dose based on the length of the trip and how much of an effect you want. Protip: if flying makes you nervous, try taking some CBD right before you go through security. Some people swear by it to reduce general travel anxiety.
  1. Lunchbox Alchemy wishes you happy (and safe) travels this holiday season!

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