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Try our Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil! (Recipe inside)
Tinctures (aka, Hemp Extracts) are by far one of the most popular ways to enjoy CBD and historically, they were the main way we took cannabis as a medicine until it was banned in the early twentieth century. Lunchbox Alchemy is excited to offer a Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract. Let’s bring tinctures back!
100MG Squibs Are Now Available!
Introducing a new product for your CBD edible stash from Lunchbox Alchemy! Our CBD Squibs are now in a 100mg sized gummy, perfect just for you, or for sharing (if you want to).
What is CBD?
Cannabis is a broad term that describes two types of plants: Marijuana, known for its high THC content, and Hemp, known for its high CBD content. Many people are turning to hemp products for their high levels of CBD. Why? Turns out that CBD just might be the next wonder drug poised to shake up the pharmaceutical industry.