Introducing our all new CBD rewards program

Reward Your Wellness.


Reward Your Wellness

Enjoy CBD. Get rewarded. Has anything ever sounded better?

In our CBD Reward program, you can earn points every time you buy Lunchbox Alchemy CBD! You can also get points for referring friends, following us on social media, leaving reviews, and on your birthday, too. Use the points to redeem discount codes, free swag, and more.

You must be signed into your Lunchbox Alchemy account to earn and use points.

*Discounts will only work on one-time purchases - not for use on subscriptions.*

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Ways To Get Reward Points

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Make a Purchase


Leave a Review

50 points

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50 points

Save on CBD

Collect enough points to redeem for free CBD on your next purchase!


Feel too good to be true? Learn more about our CBD Rewards Club details here.

Use the boxes above to complete activities. The points will be automatically added to your account. When you purchase products from Lunchbox Alchemy, make sure you are logged in to be able to get points for your purchase. Points on purchases will take a few days to be approved to ensure that the order is not returned or cancelled.

You can redeem the points you've earned by applying them as a discount to future orders. To do so, login to your account, open the Lunchbox Alchemy rewards widget and select "Redeem". Select the amount of points you would like to redeem and press Redeem. A discount code will be generated. Apply that discount code at checkout and your points will be redeemed!

No. We cannot stack discounts on top of each other, and if you are a member or Lunchbox Alchemy subscriber, your discount code will override your standard 10% savings.

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