CBD Gummies - Affiliate Program

CBD Gummies - Affiliate Program

Our CBD affiliate program was designed to create a way for those who believe in the benefits of CBD to share our product line with their network and earn on each referral purchase made. When you join our CBD affiliate program, you can feel confident that you are recommending the best CBD has to offer.

Lunchbox Alchemy has been in the cannabis industry since 2014, we were founded with the goal of making cannabis and CBD products that are truly effective and as natural as possible. Our CBD is sourced from Oregon, the Napa Valley of Cannabis, where all of our products are third-party lab tested to verify quality and CBD levels. Our CBD affiliate program was designed to create a way for those who believe in the benefits of CBD to share our product line with their network, offering a discount on the first purchase of Lunchbox CBD gummies, while also earning a profit share for each sale tracked through their unique tracking links and referral codes. When you join our CBD affiliate program - you can feel confident that you are recommending an all-natural CBD gummy product, formulated to support the common reasons people turn to CBD, including Sleep, Stress and Relief. 

Ours vs Other CBD Affiliate Programs

At Lunchbox Alchemy, we create CBD products to target the most common needs people have when using CBD including - Sleep, Stress and Relief. Our products are made with organically grown Oregon hemp and are third party lab-tested to verify quality. Our effect-based gummies are formulated with natural adaptogens to help support the efficacy of our hemp gummies and are always all-natural and vegan. Our products are available in either full-spectrum or THC-free gummy varieties.

A Lunchbox Alchemy, we strive to create the best possible CBD gummies on the market. We are driven by the positive reviews we get from customers and how our products make a positive impact on their lives. Our products have also been reviewed for their quality through a number of websites including SF Weekly as a Top Sleep Gummy and Marijuana Times as a Best Overall CBD Gummy.

CBD Effects

CBD on its own is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you ‘high’. Most of our CBD products are full-spectrum, meaning they contain the entire spectrum of cannabinoids found in hemp, including THC. Although the volume is .03% or less by total weight. For those looking for no THC at all in their CBD products, we offer our broad spectrum, THC-Free gummies.

CBD is used for a broad range of purposes and our hemp gummies are formulated to target the most common reasons people turn to CBD including - sleep support, stress relief, pain and even daily wellness. Our hemp gummies are enhanced with all-natural adaptogens like chamomile, ginseng and ashwagandha to support the effect based results our consumers desire. All of our products are third party lab tested, all-natural and vegan. 

Educate About Cannabidiol

As a brand looking to drive broader acceptance of CBD as a natural wellness alternative we are committed to creating educational, easy-to-digest content on CBD. We look to answer common questions CBD consumers have and share insightful information on emerging trends and research happening in the world of hemp on our CBD blog.

Hemp Gummies Laws Are Friendly In Most States

If you’re concerned about legality, hemp is legal in most states. Hemp is legal in 46 states, to be exact. As long as the THC level is below 0.3%, which all of our products are. We diligently lab-test our CBD via a third party to ensure we are only providing the best of the best.

Who Might Want CBD Gummies?

cbd affiliate program

CBD is gaining rapid momentum as a popular alternative wellness option. Consumers have reported benefits for a number of wellness related concerns and research is emerging to support CBD across a number of health related concerns. Our CBD gummies are formulated to support the most common reasons people use CBD. As CBD is non-psychoactive and largely legal throughout the United States, it’s a great low-risk option for those looking to solve problems like Sleep, Stress and Pain Relief.

20% CBD Discount & Profit Share

When you join our CBD affiliate program you’ll gain access to an exclusive 20% off discount code to share with your audience and will also receive a 20% profit share for all referral sales that you drive. When you sign-up you’ll be given a unique CBD discount code and tracking link that you can share across your various communication channels. 

If you’re interested in joining, the steps are simple. Sign up for our program at affiliates.slangww.com/signup. Once our team reviews your application we’ll be in contact to get your unique profile set-up.