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CBD Gummies For Back Pain

CBD for  Back Pain - Studies Show Encouraging Support

Back pain is a common issue and one that can be difficult to treat without long-term treatment options. However, use of CBD (cannabidiol) as a potential treatment alternative has been emerging in the research and development field and showing signs of positive results. A number of studies have pointed to the belief that CBD for back pain is an effective means of providing relief for those who are suffering from chronic back conditions. 

CBD Studies Related to Back Pain

Chronic back pain can be incredibly disruptive to leading a normal life, preventing you from doing an assortment of physical activities and those suffering from it long for an effective means of pain management. Chronic pain is any pain that lasts for longer than 3 months. This lengthy period of time can cause a large amount of suffering in day-to-day life for individuals suffering from chronic pain. The side effects of chronic pain can impact different areas of an individual’s health, including difficulty concentrating, sleep disruption, and further physical pain. 

In a 2020 study done on pain management, including back pain, CBD was shown to be a positive treatment method. Another study done in 2020 used CBD as a topical treatment with significant pain relief reported in participants. These studies have offered encouraging results for continuing additional research relating to the impact of using CBD for chronic pain conditions, such as back pain. You may be wondering what it is about CBD that makes it a candidate for pain management, that’s because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which seem to support relieving symptoms associated with back pain.

Preliminary studies point to CBD being a promising alternative treatment to pain management, additional research could provide guidance on details for treatment, such as CBD dosage studies. Other studies conducted on CBD for overall pain management can be further referenced here.

CBD for Pain

CBD Side Effects vs Prescriptions

THC and CBD can be a great alternative for those who do not wish to use prescription medication and want a natural solution. Prescription medications can be effective but often come with a number of negative side effects. To treat conditions such as chronic back pain, dosages of prescription medications, such as opioids often need to be increased as treatment length goes on. Opioids are a concern when it comes to addiction and those looking to stop use may experience a number of negative effects during withdrawal, including fever, insomnia, and nausea and in some cases, death. With the ongoing opioid crisis occurring throughout the world, many are seeking a safer alternative treatment in order to avoid these extensive negative side effects. There are no known cases of Cannabis/CBD Withdrawal Syndrome causing such extreme side effects, making it an appealing alternative for those looking to avoid the negative effects of opioids. 

CBD for Inflammation

CBD for inflammation Lunchbox Alchemy

Inflammation is the body’s response to something foreign and an attempt to heal itself which is often expressed via pain, swelling, redness or fatigue. One of the reasons that CBD is an appealing treatment option for back pain is due to its anti-inflammatory properties. In a number of preclinical models, CBD proved to be an effective means of treating a variety of medical diagnoses that cause inflammation and therefore discomfort. This study also explored the combined effect of THC and CBD, which is commonly referred to as the entourage effect, and found that this produced an even more effective treatment option.

There was another study that explored CBD as an effective means of treating inflammation and pain caused by arthritis. While there is an encouraging amount of evidence that CBD products have anti-inflammatory properties, many in the scientific community have called for additional research to be able to determine additional factors that contribute to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. This further research will be able to provide additional information for understanding appropriate dosages and concentrations to use for CBD to achieve anti-inflammatory effects.

CBD For Back Spasms

Spasticity, which can occur in patients with conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS) that causes muscles to stiffen or tighten at random moments. These symptoms may be alleviated through use of CBD, which can consequently help with improving daily activities like work, relaxation, and sleep. 

CBD Gummies For Back Pain 

CBD for Back Pain Lunchbox Alchemy

CBD edibles are a convenient method for providing relief from back pain without the mess that can come from liquid products like oils and tinctures. Our Lunchbox Alchemy Relief Full Spectrum CBD Gummies are formulated with ginseng, an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Full spectrum products contain all the compounds that are in a cannabis plant, including CBD and small amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This produces the entourage effect, which is said to be a more effective CBD for pain because it leverages the full effects of the whole plant. Our products contain no more than 0.3% of THC as per Federal guidelines and are third party lab tested. 

Vegan CBD gummies 

At Lunchbox Alchemy we strive to provide a quality product that helps with everyday pain management. Our gummies are vegan and all-natural and come in a delicious mixed fruit variety pack, making them an enjoyable addition to your pain management routine. Depending on your needs you can choose from a 25 mg/gummy dosage or a double strength 50 mg/gummy dosage. Dosage can be a tricky factor to determine because dosage can be influenced by a number of factors like age, weight, gender, and past usage of CBD. Dosages can be adjusted until customers reach their desired effect. 

CBD for Chronic Pain

Chronic back pain is a problem that many people continue to suffer from. Unfortunately, this can also cause issues that impact other areas of a person’s life from personal to work and social life. Fortunately, CBD for back pain has shown promising results as a means of offering relief for many without the negative side effects from other treatment alternatives.