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Are you interested in CBD as a natural alternative to alleviating your anxiety? In recent decades research on CBD has begun to explode as a promising alternative treatment for anxiety and other related wellness issues. The side effects of CBD gummies, a natural anxiety reducer, are much less dangerous when compared to medications typically prescribed by doctors for anxiety. In this article, we’ll dive into the supporting scientific evidence on how CBD can help naturally relieve anxiety. We’ll also discuss the many types of CBD gummy options available online and how brands like Lunchbox Alchemy offer premium CBD products backed accredited labs and 3rd party verifications.

Studies Show CBD Treatment Can Be Effective For Treating Anxiety

cbd for anxiety study

There have been a number of scientific studies on the popular cannabis cannabinoid, cannabidiol, and its potential for being an effective treatment option for anxiety. In this article,  we’ll highlight noteworthy studies that offer some sound evidence supporting that CBD can indeed help relieve anxiety, and other related well being issues.

Epidiolex is the first FDA Approved Product For Treating Seizures

Known for its recreational and medical use applications, cannabis products, specifically the cannabinoids, CBD and THC, have piqued the interest of researchers around the globe since the approval of Epidiolex, a pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD) oil that is used to treat seizures, by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As countries have begun to do away with the criminalization of cannabis, the field has expanded with a number of studies being conducted on this treatment alternative. The effects of cannabis products and their health related applications is a fairly new scientific field, but one that has grown exponentially in the last decade.

CBD Lowers Anxiety Levels In Study

In 2011, a study was conducted that simulated a public speaking test, which was designed to induce anxiety, and showed that participants who used CBD experienced lower levels of anxiety. This and other stress and depressive related disorders are commonly treated with the use of prescription drugs, which has been shown to have a variety of negative side effects, such as, nausea, constipation, and in severe cases, addiction or withdrawal syndrome. This study, and other follow ups like it, have shown that using CBD products may be the next safest and most effective means of treating psychiatric and neurological conditions, including anxiety. 

Research For Cannabidiol Proves It’s Effective

CBD studies around the world have come to similar conclusions that the drug appears to be a safer alternative to treating depression, stress, and anxiety without the dangerous withdrawal symptoms that come with using opioids. As a medical treatment, the use of CBD is quite new, causing many scientists to call for additional studies to determine the long-term effects. A study published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association in 2020 looked at research from as early as 1982 and determined that CBD is consistent in reducing anxiety amongst patients. This compiled data shows not only the promising effects of CBD but also encourages the expansion of the research industry to include the once severely prohibited drug in medical treatments. 

Other Benefits of CBD Explained 

Another Biomolecules study also reached the same conclusion and is seemingly optimistic that additional research regarding usage of CBD will emerge in the next few years. These promising results have encouraged scientists to begin expanding research on the capabilities of CBD treatments. CBD has also been shown to treat insomnia induced by PTSD, which is also common in individuals who experience depression and anxiety. By helping to regulate sleeping patterns, patients are able to get consistent rest, aiding in the treatment process and reducing anxiety. 

These studies have all called for additional research and the allocation of resources to explore this natural alternative, thanks to the promising results that have been mounting over the past decade. Scientists and researchers appear optimistic, which has led to impacts on a government-level as states and countries have begun to relax their restrictions on cannabis products with some even fully legalizing recreational and medical use. 

No CBD Withdrawals

One of the reasons that CBD is being studied as an alternative treatment method for anxiety is the lack of withdrawal symptoms that patients experience. Studies have concluded that there is no evidence of severe withdrawal syndrome when CBD is administered at a therapeutic dose. There is also no evidence that suggests that CBD impacts the brain’s CB1 or CB2 receptors, a theory that was commonly circulated in the research field until recently. Participants were given a 4 week supply of CBD then randomly given either a placebo product with no CBD or continued use of CBD for 2 weeks. There was no evidence of physical withdrawal symptoms in the patients of this study, which is a stark difference when compared to other drug withdrawal symptoms. Though this timeline is dependent on factors such as weight and gender, this is a promising find within the scientific community. 

Prescription drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, creating a call for safer alternatives. There are no known cases of CBD Withdrawal Syndrome, making it a potentially safer alternative to using opioids. 

Access to CBD

legal access to cbd

CBD products are more readily available than prescription drugs and a natural alternative. Companies and manufacturers of CBD are legally allowed to operate on many online platforms and in retail stores selling CBD products to customers. The requirement to go through a medical evaluation, receive a prescription, and fulfill a prescription through a pharmacy is a lengthy process that may not be available to individuals who lead busy lives or do not have access to healthcare, especially amidst the COVID-19 public health crisis. While still recommended to consult with a physician, CBD is much more accessible, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. Though disclaimers are necessary to ensure safe usage, many customers will find that these products are manufactured in accordance with government regulations and third-party testing to ensure safe usage and distribution. 

CBD Dosage For Anxiety

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One of the areas that scientists have called for more research on is dosage. Dosages ranging from 1 to > 50mg have been shown to have an impact on users, with higher dosage levels being predictably more effective. The most common dose of CBD is around 20-40mg of CBD per serving. Lunchbox Alchemy produces CBD gummies and has simplified this process by offering customers convenient dosages including a 25mg and double strength 50mg gummy serving.

There is no standard correct dose of CBD and dosing is usually dependent on factors such as gender, weight, and age, making finding the correct amount a bit challenging. There are also online tools, such as My Dosage, an AI software that helps users determine a recommended dosage based on factors such as weight, age, severity of symptoms, and past CBD use. While these services and the plethora of information available online is helpful, consulting with a physician is also a reliable means to figure out a proper dosage. Doctors will commonly recommend starting with a lower dosage and gradually increasing the amount as a patient’s body begins to feel accustomed to the effects of CBD. Through knowledge of a patient’s symptoms and past medical history, doctors in many states that have legalized cannabis use have a wealth of knowledge that is helpful in determining proper dosage. 

Different Types of CBD Gummies

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Not all CBD gummies are created equally. Different products come from different types of hemp grown around the globe. Companies like Lunchbox Alchemy use hemp extract CBD from Oregon. As one of the country’s leading hemp researchers, Oregon’s Department of Agriculture is notorious for its regulatory strategies, allowing for safe practices for harvesting hemp. In states where hemp is not fully legalized, these practices can become convoluted and cause companies to solely rely on third-party testing. 

Broad Vs Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

The best CBD gummies are not the same for everyone, and therefore trying out different options will help identify the perfect one for you. There are different types of CBD gummies, the most common of which are full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD gummies. Full-spectrum products contain all of the plant’s cannabinoids, including the legally allowed amount of 0.03% of THC. Broad-spectrum products contain most cannabinoids and 0 THC for those who cannot or do not want to ingest the cannabinoid. If you are considering using CBD to treat anxiety and have no used CBD before, you may consider starting with a broad-spectrum CBD product first.


THC is a psychoactive compound in cannabis, which can be undesirable for some users who do not wish to experience the “high” feeling. This makes broad-spectrum products appealing to individuals who want the effects of CBD, without the neurological effects of THC. These common gummy products also come in a wide variety of flavors and sizes to appeal to customers. 

The CBD industry has taken off in the past decade, allowing for an overall increase in CBD products available around the world. Having many of these products available can seem intimidating but provide the ability to safely personalize the necessary quantity needed by each customer. The appeal of CBD lies mainly in its lack of withdrawal symptoms while still providing relief for psychiatric and neurological conditions. Though there is still much research to be done in this field, the studies that have been conducted in the past few decades are promising and show a positive correlation between CBD and treating these conditions. 

The Growth of CBD Use to Treat Anxiety

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Anxiety disorders have become a more commonplace diagnosis and do not hold the same negative connotations that were present in past years and generations. The normalizing of seeking help for an individual’s mental health has broadened the availability of research aimed at finding safe treatments for individuals who experience these struggles on a daily basis. As the dangers of potent drugs such as opioids only becomes more evident, the scientific community is determined to find a treatment that is safe for patients. The growing CBD industry, with a dedicated community of scientists and producers working together, show a promising future in mental healthcare. 

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