Going Green: Why Oregon Hemp Farms Produce Quality CBD

Everything’s Coming Up Green:

You might have noticed something popping up around you lately – especially if you live near farming lands in Oregon, or have visited grandma’s house in the country lately. Hint: It’s green, bushy, and has a distinct smell. No, it isn’t mint, another common Oregon crop, but fields full of fragrant, vibrant green CBD Hemp. 

And man, is it growing! Most Oregon growers are focused on supplying the market with CBD, though Hemp itself has many uses.  According to Jerry Norton, the co-founder of the Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association and a Salem-based hemp seed grower and processor. “We have 1,500 registered growers [in Oregon] planting 50,000 acres this year.”

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Farms in Oregon and their “High” Standards:

Oregon has a unique climate (politically and agriculturally) to help supply the world with Hemp and meet the demand for this budding product. Oregon is on the 45th parallel – which farmers and researchers agree – creates an ideal growing climate mix of sun and rain.

A new Hemp research center, established by Oregon State University, will also provide an important service to the expanding Pacific Northwest hemp industry: seed certification. This means that though certified seeds, farmers will have more predictability about the genetics, vigor, and yields they can expect. Farmers need this reassurance and extra certification to make sure their plants are in fact hemp and not marijuana, which are both types of cannabis. Seeds can be certified to produce plants that test low for THC, which is required to less than .3% by volume in Full-Spectrum CBD products.

Now the #3 largest grower of Hemp, Oregon is right behind Montana and Colorado and catching up fast. With the new OSU research center, which is now the largest in the nation, Oregon Hemp farmers are ready to supply the global marketplace.

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The Best Green for Your Green:

Lunchbox Alchemy’s CBD products are infused with 100% Oregon-grown full-spectrum hemp oil using only the finest all-natural ingredients. So if you are looking to support local Hemp farmers, check out Lunchbox Alchemy’s Hemp Extracts and Squibs. All of our CBD is local and natural, so you really can’t go wrong. Find Lunchbox Alchemy products near you! Even if you don’t live in Oregon, the best CBD is not far away.

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